Indigenous Children’s Circle

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This 7 week program will include connecting with Elders, smudging, prayer, storytelling, and puppet interactions. This children’s program is best suited for children ages two to six.  Call Janice at Read More...

Mothers Day

Many Canadians celebrate Mother’s Day by showing their appreciation for mothers or mother figures. The Mother’s Day date in Canada is on the second Sunday of May each year.

Playtime Drop-In

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Login via Zoom every Tuesday for some Drop-In Fun. Contact Janice at 587-525-7279/ to register and to get your Zoom ID and PW. Note: Please be aware that spots Read More...

Kids Have Stress Too

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This program is offered via Zoom Session please call Winifred at 587-525-6679 or email her to register and to get Zoom ID and Password. What is stress & how are children Read More...

Bringing Up Baby

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Want to connect with others in learning how to make babies’ worlds exciting places to discover?  Get your very own kit for creating some special “baby-and-you” moments together! Each week Read More...

KARA Coffee

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It’s time to take a break and have a moment of self-care! Join us during one of our KARA Coffee sessions! Our program is via Zoom, so you can come Read More...

Kids Night Out


Every Wednesday 6PM to 6:30PM, on our Facebook page. Tune in for games, activities and crafts using things from around the house. Watch at your own convenience.    

Nobody’s Perfect

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Join us via Zoom for this 6 week parenting group where we will be discussing the basics of parenting a young child (0 to 3 years).  Great for first time Read More...

Creative Play & More

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Login via Zoom every Thursday and join us for Creative Play. Contact Janice at 587-525-7279/ to register and to get your Zoom ID and PW.

Literacy And Parenting Skills

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This program is offered via Zoom Session please email or call her at 587-525-6679 to register and for your Zoom ID number and PW. This 12 week program is Read More...