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Building Self-Esteem in Our Children

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Examine the characteristics of self-esteem.  Learn ways to nurture self-esteem in ourselves and our children. Call Winifred at 587-525-6679 or email her to register and to get Zoom ID and Password.

Coping With Stress

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Stress is unavoidable and can be very hard to handle.  Learn coping mechanisms on dealing with stress. Call Winifred at 587-525-6679 or email her to register and to get Zoom ID and Password.

Effective Communication with Children

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Do you want to get your child(ren) to cooperate? Connect with us to learn and practice some great communication and discipline techniques.  These skills can help you guide your child’s behaviour in ways that leave both you and your child feeling good, as well as, build your child’s independence and self-esteem. This program is perfect Read More...

Role of A Super DAD

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Good kids don’t just happen… they are nurtured by caring, involved, and responsible adults.  The focus of this program is on responsible fathers – men who make a conscious choice to be the solid role models kids are longing for and need today. Call Winifred at 587-525-6679 or email her to register and to get Zoom Read More...

Understanding How Children Think & Feel

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Parenting is a joyful, frustrating, exhilarating, and exhausting journey. The challenge is enormous – to take the hand of a brand-new baby and guide them toward adulthood. There are times in all parents’ lives when the challenge seems overwhelming. This building block of positive discipline is understanding how children think and feel. Seeing the world Read More...

Triple P Group

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This group is for parents of children 3 to 12 years, who want to learn more about positive ways to raise children.  Parents learn to encourage positive behaviour and problem solve solutions to deal with children’s misbehaviour.  Participants connect via Zoom as a group for 7 weeks. Please note: Participants are expected to complete “homework” Read More...

LIFT: Bringing Stories to Life

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This program series offers each family the opportunity to share stories and discover a wide variety of activities and games they can do together as a family. Each family will receive a Family Book Club Kit full of everything they need to bring their story to life! For Families with children ages 3 - 6 Read More...

COW Corner

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Partnering with the Centre for Family Literacy we are offering: COW Corner Parents and children will explore early literacy through songs, activities and interactive story sharing. Each week has a different theme, come and discover which is your favourite! For Families with children ages 0 - 6 Wednesdays @ 10:30am until December 16 via Zoom Read More...

KARA Coffee

It’s time to take a break and have a moment of self-care! Join us during one of our KARA Coffee sessions! You’ll enjoy parenting conversations and sharing tips on various parenting topics, all from the comfort of your own coffee table! Our programs are all held on Zoom, so you can come and go as Read More...

Intro to Anger

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This is an information and education course. It is not intended to take the place of counseling but rather to educate you about what anger is. Knowledge is power! Knowing what your anger triggers are, why you react the way you do, and how to use alternatives will help you to better understand your anger. Read More...