A Message from our Executive Director

This year has brought many changes to all of us, both professionally and personally.

This past spring the Parent Link program was cancelled and on April 1st KARA became part of the new Family Resource Network. At the same time Covid-19 started to spread and we were forced to find ways to stay connected with our KARA families virtually. I am very proud of the way our staff worked together to find creative ways to offer programs and support to families. Whether it was interactive early childhood programs, facilitating parent education sessions or working one on one with a parent over the phone, staff rose to the challenge. As we are now back to working from home we are continuing to meet this need.

I want to thank everyone of our staff and Board members for their continuing commitment to KARA as we navigate this ‘new normal. In September, I celebrated 16 years with KARA Family Resource Centre. I have always maintained that I had the best job in the world, and this was due to the people I worked with – staff, volunteers, parents and children, and Board members. It is with mixed feelings that I let you know I am retiring at the end of the year.

Change is inevitable, and I have decided that it is time for me to leave KARA and spend time with my family, do some traveling (soon, I hope), and explore other adventures life has in store for me. I am very pleased to let you know that Darby Wilkinson will be taking my place in January. Darby is very skilled, and I know she will be a great addition to our team. Please join me in welcoming Darby to KARA!

~ Pam Doubleday