Beauty Tips for Rushed Moms

As I write this blog on rushed parenthood, I am even now multitasking. Halfway between sentences and thoughts, I am busily trying to eat a meal before it gets cold and helping my child remember the words to his favourite Christmas jingle.

As I’m sure you would agree, the early years of parenthood have sparse moments for a hot shower. Where does one find time to make themselves presentable for company or for work each day? After a few years of the practiced art of making myself smell more like a flower and less like a diaper, I am ready to share a few hot tips, most of which, conveniently enough, fit easily into my bathroom cupboard!

Tip One – Showering Timeline

Shower the night before. For those of us with longer, thicker hair, blow drying is not an option anymore. That super amazing windswept, voluminous hair is still achievable, but not in the time department. Instead, after doing your do to your slept-on hair, use hair spray and run your finger through your hair to give it that tousled look. This works best if you lift your hair in sections, spray each section in a fluid motion, then flip your lid upside down to let it dry. You may want to brush the ends with a soft brush after though, but let your roots remain bouncy with just adjustments from your fingers.

Tip Two – Three Day Hair

If you do find yourself with enough time to shower and blow-dry the day of, use dry shampoo right after the hair is set. I noticed this when my sister used dry shampoo as a hair thickener when practicing for her wedding. Once she had curled the hair, she used the dry shampoo to give it bounce. I did the same and was amazed that my style lasted for days longer than when I use dry shampoo on dirty hair. It basically kept my hair in perfect condition for three days without needing to reapply.

Tip Three – Multi-use Products

I’m not sure how many moms are as resourceful as I am (or as plucky), but I did end up trying to use baby wipes as make-up remover – and it worked! I was cringing, waiting for my eyes to hurt or for my face to break out days later, but it didn’t! If you find yourself budgeting, use baby wipes in lieu of expensive makeup remover pads. They’ll save you time and money!

Another multi-use item I actually found before my mommy experiences is baby powder as a hair product. Because dry shampoo can run in the pricier range at the local store, and since we are all in the baby section at one point or another anyway, you can use baby powder as dry shampoo! Baby powder will work the same way as dry shampoo – it gives you volume and wicks away moisture. It’s also vastly cheaper. The only downside is that you and your child will now smell like you bathed together!

Tip Four – Bathroom Breakfast

This one was scary the first time I tried it but I haven’t turned back! Set up a breakfast table in your bathroom. Your kids can dine while you beautify! I grabbed one of those little plastic table and chair combos off Kijiji and set up a little nook for the kids. They usually watch me while I get pretty and I can keep an eye on who is trying to feed the dog avocado.

This even helps me in the food department because I can usually whip around and finish their leftovers before running out the door, saving food and money as I don’t have to grab take-out on my way to work anymore!

Tip Five – Waterproof Ways

Get waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I used to hate waterproof makeup because it didn’t come off easily. Now, I find the longer it lasts, the more time I have for other things. Plus, my purse is just too full of toys and extra pull-ups to be karting around my makeup bag anymore. Makeup that doesn’t run also helps us moms look like we got the sleep we so badly need, hiding any bags and puffy lids.

Tip Six – Moisturizing Regiment

Use coconut oil before bed. I use this on my kids and myself. It helps keep skin moisturized and hair soft. I usually do a deep cleanse on a weekend night as I have to wash it out of my hair the next day but it keeps the body looking young and smelling great!

Tip Seven – The Timeless Updos

Master an elegant or professional updo. Some days, no matter how nice you are to it, your hair just won’t cooperate. I’ve mastered two different styles to help with this unfortunate, but common scenario. I usually try the low, elegant bun first to give myself a young-beauty appearance. For this, try giving yourself a deep side part, swooping your hair into a ball at the base of your neck, and then pulling slightly on pieces to give it more volume.

If I’ve slept in a funny position and my hair just won’t heed my warnings of threatened scissor action, I then try a professional topknot. This is always easiest when using a hair donut, which can even be found at the dollar store. Put your hair in a high ponytail, then pull the tail through the donut, then swoop and pin the tail into place around it. This style nearly always works, especially if you’ve got a stylish headband to hold back any strays.

Tip Eight – Dental Dedication

Never forgo the dentist. I always have trouble finding the will to make a dental appointment. Luckily, I’ve found a dentist that will do it for me! She took my phone number (rather too willingly), and has proceeded to remind me every couple of months or so of when I’ll need to rebook. I know she has my family’s best interest at heart too because she always accommodates a full family appointment. My sons get their checkups and fluoride applications and I get a regular cleaning. I know it should be more about dental health than a beauty regiment, but I just can’t help grinning when I look in the mirror after a dental trip.

Tip Nine – Posture Makes Perfect

Practice good posture. I work in an office, sitting in one position all day. I have put myself through extensive ergonomic training, which has helped me stay healthy but it’s also helped my appearance as well. Nothing looks better or more professional than someone confident, and with confidence comes posture.

Tip Ten – Embrace Yourself

Probably my biggest money-saving and time-reducing tip is embracing your natural look. It took me years to accomplish this (and I’m still getting the hang of it). I used to always dye my hair and buy makeup that would make me look like I was a natural… well anything but red. Lately, since becoming a Mom, I’ve grown out my red hair. To my surprise (although I’m still not a fan of the colour), I’ve grown to really like the soft texture that accompanies natural hair. Embracing a part of myself that usually takes a thousand bucks a year to cover up really made a difference in my routine and personal nature. Not to mention I enjoy the cost savings!

The Skinny on Beauty Tips

Now that I’ve tried many beautifying tips for Moms on the go, even unconventional ones, I’m glad I was able to share the ones that worked! Beauty tips can be little things that you found saved the day at least once or monumental epiphanies about your own lifestyle; they all help give us the confidence boost while simultaneously being there for our families. So, you do you, and let me know your tips – because I can always use more too!