Mom of a “Boys Club”

As many women do when finding out the sex of their babies, I experienced a level of gender disappointment. My first child’s gender was a mystery during pregnancy. After the birth, I recall seeing a little willy and being slightly shocked that I had carried a boy for nine months without knowing it. During the 20 week ultrasound with my second pregnancy, we found out the gender.

My husband and I both felt the pains of realizing we would never have a daughter. Gender disappointment, to any level, makes parents feel guilty and ashamed to admit it. It’s not that the love you feel for a baby of either gender differs, it’s that the future you envisioned for your family is now a little different.

Growing up in a family of girls (and one boy), had me envisioning another family of girls. And even as I fell madly in love with my little boys, I felt a little apprehensive and like a fish out of water in this family of men. So, I took out some books on parenting boys and it turns out, I belong to a very special club, the Mom of Boys Club.

It turns out there were hundreds of books on being the mom of only boys, a little piece of knowledge that made my heart swell knowing that I was now part of a unique society. Additionally, each piece I read made me feel like I had special children, fiery children, children that make me look and feel stronger than I’ve ever been.

Ten Things I Love About Boys (and Being a Mom of Boys)

Boys are Fiery
As the picture leading you to this blog dictates, boys have a fiery disposition. Not that girls don’t have spirit too; I’ve seen many girls throw on a good show. But boys jump right into the middle of danger to right all wrongs. They grab their swords and fight to the death!

Pranks and Jokes
Sure, men sometimes forget to call their Moms on their birthdays. I used to worry about this when I had my boys but then I recalled all the random prank calls I get from my nephew. They are just hilarious and admittedly better than a birthday wish. Even my young boys tend to love playing jokes. My Grizzly Bear continuously hides under blankets and behind potted plants to jump out and scare passersby. As he gets older, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Extra Tough Play
My boys are still really little yet they play rougher than I ever did at any age. It used to make me jump in and intervene (save the baby!) but as I live day to day watching them jump off couches on to their unsuspecting victims, I sit back and watch with pride. I know that I can protect them from the world, but not from their brother.

For extra info on why rough play is important for kids, visit TodaysParent:

The Protective Instinct
Boys are naturally protective. As we travel to the park daily, there is always the group of kids that want to pet our pup, Wylie. My Grizzly Bear plants his feet squarely and stands guard to supervise, continuously telling newcomers they have to be gentle.

The Gentle Touch
Boys can be surprisingly emotional and snuggly. The snuggles I get from my Polar Bear are just addictive. Plain and simply. He runs with open arms and collapses into my body. After MINUTES of just laying limply in my arms, he then nuzzles into my neck like a new puppy. Picking him up from dayhome is a tad embarrassing.

The Funny Noises They Make
Like anything with a digestive system, boys make horrifying sounds as gas passes through their bodies. The difference here is that instead of going red in the face and politely excusing oneself, boys burst into a fit of giggles and try to make it happen again. And again. And they egg each other on.

My House is Never Quiet
Along with their fiery spirit, boys never stop yelling. There’s never the gentle whisper that isn’t followed by the mischievous look in their eyes that lets you know they’re about to yell seconds after. In fact, if I tell them it’s quiet time, the volume just increases which makes it always feel like we’re having a party!

They Never Stop Moving
Back in my child free days, I worked weekends at KARA. The program always had about half a dozen girls and two boys. The Mom of these two boys now works at KARA too (Rosie) and I’ll never forget the smiles she tried to hide while pretending not to feel the floor shaking as her boys chased each other through the building. The girls, including myself, would all be colouring quietly and the entertainment would just be included for free without lifting a finger.

Boys Look Up to Their Dads
I’m sure everyone learns best through experience but I’m convinced the saying was made for young boys. Because they work hard to do what their Dad does and make him proud. With the amount of times I’ve tried to keep my youngsters out of the garage, where we keep all the tools, we’ve actually had to put up a baby gate so they can continually watch what he is making/doing. “No Mommy, I don’t want to see what you’re doing in the kitchen, just pass me that DeWalt pistol grip electric drill.”

Make Mom Look Like Superman
Lastly, when I step out of the house with two boys and a dog, I look like a superhero and get regular comments on it. “Wow, you have your hands full!” Passersby are always so impressed by me that it makes me feel good. And I know it’s true, I am a superhero.

So my boys are tough and strong and make me tough and strong. For a woman that has never belonged to a tough and strong club before, I’m glad to be part of the Mom of Boys Club.